Warrior Elements is proud to share the amazing and beautiful story of Debra Nixon Bowles, Warrior Woman for February-2016. She beat the odds with her warrior spirit.  Read Full Article

The Warrior Element


Grounded and strong, Earth prints empower the Warrior to dig in her roots while reaching for the sky. Natural shades of greens, reds and browns mirror the inner strength of the centered woman.


Bright and beckoning, the bold rust color of Fire inspires and energizes the Warrior. Fire’s abstract print offers bursts of rust, pink, yellow and magenta.


Fluid and calm, the color of turquoise gives serenity and strength. Water’s wave print reflects a free-flowing current with colors of white, turquoise, charcoal and black.


Uplifting and free, Wind elevates the spirit of the day and encourages a sense of casual elegance. Blue, grey and white balances the outgoing style of this Warrior.

The mission of Warrior Elements

Inspired by the power and properties of the four natural elements—Earth, Fire, Water and Wind—Warrior Elements mission is to awaken the unique Warrior that is within every woman wherever she is in her life journey and no matter her shape or size, empowering her to cultivate the Warrior within. MAYA ANGELOU

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