Dynamo Mom With Unusual Startup

Gail-in-yoga-pose_earthGail Warrior 
Though she loved her work in construction, Gail’s true passion has always been fitness and healthy living, so in the last few years, she decided she truly wanted to live, work and breathe her passion, and help bring that love to other people as well.

Therefore, Gail founded a startup venture Warrior Elements, which is a luxury activewear brand. The company’s mission is to help busy women aspire to their own personal greatness, benefiting themselves, their families and their contribution to the world. She has always mentored women in business who want a forum for learning from other’s mistakes and successes, and has also actively helped small businesses in the construction sector. So now, she is able to take her gift of mentorship and coaching and direct it toward healthy living and fitness.

More importantly, she is using Warrior Elements as a launching pad for what she terms the Warrior 360 Way™ which looks at holistic living, and being able to balance the physical, mental and emotional aspect of one’s life, so that you can live a healthier life, and be more productive in work and personally.

She is a single mother of an active teenage boy, and she is active in or sits on the board of more than 6 organizations, including the Heart of a Warrior Charitable Foundation, which she started in 2007 to benefit the underserved children of Dallas through summer educational opportunities.

Gail’s journey is very dynamic and is always expanding with new ventures.

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