Activewear For Women Dallas Presents Monday Workout Motivators

When Monday mornings have you wanting to stay in bed and hit snooze… these fast tips can help get your butt in gear and down to the gym. Brought to you by the activewear for women Dallas adores, Warrior Elements helps you to stay on track without sinking back into bed…

Opt for a Breathable Tinted Moisturizer.

A full face of gym makeup is a bit much for hardcore workouts but a fresh coat of tinted moisturizer like a BB or CC cream is a great and happy medium for looking your best even while you sweat. Pair with a light waterproof mascara for a fresh face without the hassle… or the cheese factor.

Make Gym Sessions a Jam Session.

Your time at the gym will not only go faster but you will also be inspired to go harder when you bring along your favorite tunes. Tune out the world around you and do not worry about what others might think about your exhaustion face. You will see theirs soon enough – one hour on the cycle does that to a person.

Look Fierce. Be Fierce.

When you look good… you feel good and when you feel good… you feel like working out. Warrior Elements brings you the best in high performance workout wear that never skimps on fashionable form. From the whimsical Water Collection to the sassy Fire Collection, fill your closet with inspiration for every day of the week and never get into a gym OOTD dilemma ever again.

When you need a little gym-spirarion the activewear for women Dallas turns towards to keep it sweating is Warrior Elements, a trending line for every go getter, go runner, go stretcher and go yogi girl on the planet. To learn more about Warrior Elements and their statement piece workout wear, visit