5 Stages of Your Personal Fitness Plan

You have probably tried fitness programs and wondered why they didn’t work for you. In many cases, it’s the simple challenge of planning or lack of focus on your goal. We’re all “too busy” or distracted.

It’s time to drop the excuses and make your fitness plan a priority. Only you know what goals you want to accomplish and only you can do the work to get there. Here are 5 stages of a personal fitness plan.


Your dream is distinctly that, YOUR dream. A fitness dream can be anything from losing 10 lbs to losing 100 lbs. Your dream may not be about losing weight at all. Is your dream to be a triathlete? Is your dream to be in a fitness competition? Is your dream to find health, without pain, and live a long, balanced and healthy life? Start there, with the big picture. Write it down.


Once you’ve decided on your big picture dream, set a goal for yourself. If your dream is to get healthy, your goal may start with changing your nutrition, getting to your doctor for a physical, or starting physical therapy to relieve pain.

If you want to run a marathon, your next step will be to start running! Your goals could be “Run a 5K by this date. Run a 10K by this date. Run a half marathon by this date.” This will push you toward your goal date for your marathon.

Your goals need not be big goals. Every smaller goal you accomplish is a step on the way to your dream.


With every goal there are plans to be made! Let’s again examine the lofty goal of endurance racing such as marathons or triathlons. We can also include fitness competitions.

Your planning may include taking a closer look at your nutrition – especially with endurance racing or competitions. Meal plans are the easiest ways to stay on track with your fitness plan. Plan to work out at certain times of the week and day. Schedule it on your calendar as you would your child’s soccer game or that important business meeting. Make YOU as important a priority as your child or your client.

Plan doctor’s visits to determine if your physical therapy is on track, if your joints are ready for the runs you’re planning, or if your bloodwork can determine other factors at play. Decide what you need to best support your goals and big picture dream.


If you’ve come this far in your fitness plan process, there’s nothing stopping you but you. Every single choice you make with your meals and your workouts will determine how quickly you accomplish your goals and your dream.

Remember, some days you may want a “cheat day”. Some days, your body will insist on rest. These steps are just as important and will also determine how well you feel on your journey. Listen to your body. Every step you take today will bring you closer to achieving success.

One of my favorite mantras for motivation: Today is the tomorrow you talked about yesterday.


Revel in it. At this point, you are stronger, wiser and healthier than where you were before. You have made it and, if you’ve treated yourself kindly along the way, you’re celebrating your well-earned success.

Once you achieve a fitness dream, there is a feeling that will drive you in all areas of your life. You now understand that, mile by mile, meal by meal, you accomplished something. Take that into your life and let nothing get in your way.