Why Warrior Elements?

Why Warrior Elements

Some of you may be asking, “Why Warrior Elements?”

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Gail Warrior. While many of us may not be defined by their name, I actually do consider myself a warrior.

I am a fitness and health driven warrior, mom and entrepreneur.

Every single day I make decisions to support this way of life. I wake up early. I get to bed early. I exercise as often as I can, particularly in the mornings when I can bring my son. I shop the perimeter of the grocery store and choose whole, organic foods to nourish my body. I cook most of my meals at home so that my son and I can eat well and stay healthy within a budget. I make time to play, relax, and find balance from an otherwise hectic schedule. I run marathons, compete in fitness competitions and have been every size of clothing from a size 2 to a 12.

Fitness and nutrition have given me a sense of body awareness that I never had before. The way I see it, everything we do or put in our bodies eventually shows up on our bodies. Making the best decisions now, whether they’re popular or supported by others in my life, means saving the pain of injury or illness later. Besides, I plan on running a marathon at age 100!

I have also always had a keen eye for fashion. As a busy entrepreneur and mom, I know that it is often difficult to maintain a healthy way of life. But I do believe that it IS possible and that we ARE worth it. We are also worth looking good and feeling comfortable during our busy lives. Wouldn’t you agree?

Gail Warrior - Warrior Elements Clothing

I believe the best way to celebrate success and gratitude in my life is to give back. This is why I started The Heart of a Warrior Charitable Foundation. This non-profit foundation offers summer STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) learning programs and nutritious meals for students. Supporting my favorite causes – women and children – allows me to contribute to a community which speaks to my heart.

Gail Warrior - Warrior Elements - Gail's Kids


Gail Warrior - Warrior Elements - Gail's Kids High Five

Warrior Elements reminds you that taking care of you is valuable, to your career, to your family, to your community and, most importantly, to yourself. You simply cannot do what you do if you don’t understand the importance of maintaining total health. Each of us has our “element” – our personalities, our bodies, our goals, our journeys– and this blog is here to celebrate both our differences and what brings us together.

In the coming weeks, you’ll be seeing more exciting news about Warrior Elements plus continued blog posts with health, lifestyle and fitness tips. Stay tuned!

Our mission is to cultivate the warrior within – and look really good doing it.

~ Gail

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