The Warrior Mindset

The Warrior Mindset

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The Warrior Mindset is a way of looking at the world so you can prioritize your responsibilities and achieve your goals. It’s also there to guide how you attack challenges. Maybe you’ve had a career setback, personal injury, or your New Year didn’t start out as planned… whatever the situation is, the Warrior Mindset gives you the confidence and power to launch into overdrive so you can face any obstacle with grace and ferocity. Putting the Warrior Mindset into play begins with a plan. Here are five ways to do it.

  • Assess the Situation: How confined or far-reaching is the challenge? While it affects your work-life balance in some way, determine the degree and range so you have a benchmark.
  • Discover New Courses: Find a way to continue doing the things you need and love, even if that means modifying the norm. For example, if an injury means you have to sit out of spin class or scale back with squats, then think about other ways you can exercise so you stay strong and focused.
  • Rely on Resources: What resources do you have at your disposal that can help you achieve your goals? Whether that means using technology to make life easier (Facetime, GoMeeting, Skype, etc. for office chats when you can’t go in) or quick-cook recipes that make mealtime a snap, think outside the box to leverage new and different tools.
  • Embrace Comfort:Make your daily life more comfortable. Check out the Warrior Elements line of clothing that’s designed with the styles, silhouettes, colors, and comfort that every Warrior needs.
  • Celebrate Progress: When you make positive strides, celebrate. This could mean calling a friend to share the progress or taking the family out for a special dinner. Recognize the achievement in yourself and keep the momentum going.


A Warrior understands that there will always be curveballs. Your routine is in place to keep you on track and accountable, but that doesn’t mean it can’t fluctuate when the situation arises. The Warrior in all of us needs to remember to see change as opportunity.


The Warrior Mindset is a way of living, and it has to be practiced every day. And when things are tough, Warriors get tougher. Dig deep and move forward. It’s the Warrior way.


Check out the Warrior Elements apparel designed to help you reach your fitness and lifestyle goals. Let us know in the space below what obstacle you’ve faced this year, and how your own personal plan has helped you overcome it.