Foods that Fuel, Fight, and Facilitate Your Mood

Foods that Fuel, Fight, and Facilitate Your Mood

Power proteins, superfoods and immune boosters are lauded for their nutritional properties that elevate energy, boost immunity, and provide comfort. The right foods make a dramatic impact on your mind, body, and soul, helping you to feel better, perform better, and improve everyday life. We’ve done some research to bring you cutting-edge information on the foods every warrior needs.


Super foods: These are certain proteins, vegetables, and fruits that have an abundance of nutrients and antioxidants. Super foods pack in the vitamins and minerals, and are correlated to the prevention of disease, the reduction of illnesses, and are known to boost overall health and wellness. Examples of super foods include blueberries, black beans, and broccoli. Read more about super foods here.


Power Proteins: Age, gender, pregnancy, and exercise habits all influence the amount of protein you need each day. Think of protein as the building block for your bones and muscles. Foods packed with protein include lean meats, fish, Greek yogurt, edamame, tofu, and lentils. Choose the right protein for your body. Here are some additional ideas for protein snacks. Also, don’t forget the importance of drinking water. Water is essential for proper nutritional absorption, hydration, and overall health.


_1iStock_000025526734LargeImmune Boosters: During the winter months, there’s a lot of talk about the importance of boosting your immunity to stave off cold and flu. However, to stay healthy, your immune system needs attention all year long. Foods known to boost the immune system are rich in vitamin C (strawberries, green leafy vegetables, and citrus), vitamin B (bananas, turkey, avocado), and zinc (oysters, nuts, seafood, and grains).


Comfort Foods: When your body calls out for “comfort foods,” it may actually be a response to a gap or stress you’re feeling in other areas of your life: stress at work, stress at home, unhappy job situation, lack of water (dehydration) lack of sleep, and even a lack of sex. Indulging in comfort foods—chicken noodle soup, pasta dishes, baked goods, and casseroles—can still be healthy if you make them yourself and use certain food substitutes. For example, in some recipes, you can use honey instead of sugar, dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate,  whole wheat flour instead of white flour, and applesauce or yogurt instead of butter. Check out this list of healthy ingredient substitutes.


Each day, your body requires nutrient-dense food for function and health, starting with your morning meal. Here’s a quick, easy, and healthy breakfast recipe to get you going: Blend blueberries (fresh or frozen), half of a banana (freeze them overnight), tablespoon of fresh ground peanut butter, whey protein powder, almond milk, and ice. Consider this your warrior breakfast!

Remember, food is about balance. Choose the right foods for fuel and fitness, and don’t forget to sprinkle in some decadence every now and again.


What food do you turn to for comfort? Have you found a way to make it healthier by substituting ingredients? Share your thoughts in the space below.