Thriving #LikeAGirl

Thriving #LikeAGirl

The #LikeAGirl campaign that exploded on to the scene in January has prompted a legion of followers, tangential movements, and ancillary messages, all of which embrace most important point of the rhetoric: the empowerment of women.

As a brand created to promote strength of body, spirit, and the mind, Warrior Elements supports the message of the #LikeAGirl campaign, and it begged us to answer the question, how can Warriors thrive #LikeAGirl, particularly in relation to fitness and business?

The answers here are just a start.

Succeed in Business #LikeAGirl

When asked what it means to lead a company #LikeAGirl, Warrior Elements’ founder and CEO Gail Warrior explained it like this: “There are more women in C-level and executive positions now than ever before…AND they have families and children to nurture. Warrior women are multi-talented. They’re focused, fair, disciplined, professional, and gracious. They give it their all in the boardroom and the playroom.”

_WG_3307_RetouchedWarriors who succeed in business #LikeAGirl exhibit, or strive for, these characteristics:

  • They have defined their short- and long-term goals.
  • They take the time to research and prepare so they know their industry, company, and subject matter.
  • They take chances, go after their dreams, and welcome opportunities.
  • They choose a career they are passionate and excited about.
  • They demonstrate professionalism, intelligence, and confidence (even in those uncertain moments).
  • They work hard every day, stay focused, and remember the first point (their short- and long-term goals).

Fitness #LikeAGirl

What does it mean to approach fitness #LikeAGirl? It means understanding that a Warrior defines health and fitness for herself, and the images that society has of beauty are a separate phenomenon.

WFP-1403-FullFront-BWarriors who approach fitness #LikeAGirl will:

  • Understand there is a leap of logic in the “one size fits all” mentality.
  • Approach a fitness plan and goals with dedication and reasonable expectations.
  • Focus on real expectations, but push the limits at times.
  • Appreciate that strength and grace aren’t at odds with each other—rather, they go hand in hand.
  • Realize that a woman won’t bounce a basketball or run an obstacle course in the exact same manner that a man does because biology makes their bodies different.
  • Push herself to reach her own goals for health, wellness, and fitness.
  • Always remember that exercise and healthy living must be a priority to maximize total wellness.

How fortunate for all of us that the creative minds behind the #LikeAGirl campaign have been successful advocating for women’s empowerment. How do you demonstrate your own Warrior power? Share the way in which you have been inspired by the #LikeAGirl campaign in the space below.