A Day in the Life of a Warrior

A Day in the Life of a Warrior

A Day In The Life Of A Warrior | Warrior Elements BlogA Warrior faces every day with one goal: Be Her Best. What follows is a typical day in the life of a Warrior.

A Day In The Life Of A Warrior | Warrior Elements Blog


As the sun just starts to caress the gentle moonlight aside, a Warrior begins her day with a quiet meditation or yoga on the beach or at the foot of a mountain. She dons her running shoes and heads out for a quick mini-marathon. Afterwards, she feasts on wild berries from her orchard and heads out the door to her incredibly fulfilling, stress-free job…


Are you kidding me? We’ve all seen or read descriptions like this of some unattainable standard for the perfect life. Do you know what reality is? It’s more like a Warrior wakes up early because it’s the only time the kids or her husband aren’t needing anything. She gets in a quick workout or walk before preparing breakfast, packing lunches, and getting herself ready for work. She rushes out the door, drops the kids off at school and hopes for light traffic on the way to work.

A Day In The Life Of A Warrior | Warrior Elements BlogLunch and Afternoon

A Warrior’s lunchtime feast includes vegetables she harvested from her garden and lean organic fish from the freshwater stream by her home. She slows down to savor healthy nutrition, hydrates with chemical free water and then decides on some vitamin D with a brief walk outside. After her walk she revitalizes with an afternoon power nap of 10- 30 minutes…


In reality, she realizes she forgot her lunch at home. She drives to the deli down the street to grab a quick salad before her next meeting. She grabs a bottle of water because it occurs to her that she’s not had anything but coffee.

Afternoon power nap? Pfft, if only! She resists the urge to hit the trendy coffee shop and opts to fill up her water bottle again.

A Day In The Life Of A Warrior | Warrior Elements Blog


Meals were planned at the beginning of the week so a Warrior knows her dinner is filled with only healthy choices. After dinner, she may go for a night swim, a walk with her partner or a bike ride with the kids.

Before bed, she turns off electronics and sits in quiet. She writes in her gratitude journal about her day, settles into a short meditation before turning off the lights for a good night’s sleep.

*Needle scratch across a record*

More than likely, she starts laundry, cleans the kitchen, helps the kids with their homework and then eats whatever she could come up with for dinner. She powers up her laptop to finish more work before putting herself to bed much later than she would have liked.

A Day In The Life Of A Warrior | Warrior Elements BlogEven though your life may have a lot of “reality” to deal with, that doesn’t mean you can’t accomplish some personal goals for yourself. It just takes a little foresight and planning. That’s what we’re here for and that’s what this blog is about. We’ll help our fellow Warrior’s to find more “ideal” in their “reality. One step at a time! Stay tuned!